How to prepare material for publication in the Format magazine.

Works should be placed in a prepared catalogue.
For each project, please post a separate folder, which will include:
Photographs + description in Doc. Word

The rule of signing files, e.g.
Photos should be signed according to rule 1. title.tiff (without Polish diacritics).

Description of the work should be located in the file to the Word edition according to the following rule:
‘First Name Last Name, Title, Year, technique, dimensions in cm, who copied the work.

- Resolution of files (copies) - 300 dpi, 1:1
- Format of copies: Width: 23.4 cm Height: 30.4 cm Head: 0.3 cm
- Preferred file extensions tiff, pdf
- Copies stored at low compression jpeg will not be accepted
- Please do not send separate emails with illustrations
- The material above 30 MB, please upload to the Editor’s server,
  i.e. contact dot. of the Mail server: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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